About Me

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My name is Emily Reed, and I’m a journalist and photographer from Toronto, Canada. After four years of experimenting with different types of writing, photography and varieties in journalism during my university career, I finally feel like I’ve found it.

Yes, it. It’s the feeling when everything (almost everything) clicks, falls into place, becomes right. As hopelessly romantic as that sounds, it’s become my reality. I’ve dabbled in personal essays and creative non-fiction before, simply as a hobby that I did when I had free time, but now, doing it as a career, I’m genuinely surprised this epiphany didn’t happen before.

I graduated Carleton University in Ottawa in 2018 with a Bachelor of Journalism and Minor in Political Science. I specialized in economic theory, international relations and global economy while I was in the Political Science department, and it only took a short while (half a semester) to ignite my love for writing about political theory and, to be frank, figuring out what the hell was wrong in this world. I had to start somewhere — why not have it be at my 8:30am International Economy class?

In 2017, my third year of university, I studied abroad for the winter semester in Glasgow, Scotland. Although i was tempted to go somewhere warm, I wanted to get out of the Canadian winter, so I was happy to go anywhere that wasn’t under five feet of snow. When I first arrived in Glasgow, I was apprehensive. I was on my own, completely, for the first time. I didn’t know anyone in the city, the campus, or what to expect from the classes.  Initially, I didn’t go outside other than to go to the Sainsbury’s or class; I became a bit of a shell of a human being. It took me about two weeks to get comfortable with my flatmates, friends that I made through the international community, and classes. And a month later, I started traveling to a new place every weekend, seeing as much of Europe and Scotland as I could.

At the end of my exchange, I did a two-week backpacking trip from Berlin down to Croatia, just with the pure intention of traveling and experiencing new cultures. I stopped in Prague, Milan, Tuscany, and ended it with my 21st birthday on a sailboat in Croatia. It was magic (or maybe that was the wine?) Regardless, I loved every moment of it.

I returned to Canada and stayed there for two years, traveling to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto mostly, but still yearning to go back to the nomadic lifestyle I had previously. I saved money by working in specialty coffee, appreciating the craft and industry I worked in, but always planning the next trip being on my mind.

Since then, I’ve traveled to Argentina, Switzerland, northern Italy, Morocco, gone back to the UK to spend some time with friends in Glasgow, and spent a few weeks trekking through Andalusia. In terms of what I want to see, the list is endless.

Currently, I live in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, loving every moment.